Thursday, 3 July 2008

Lull of the Sea

I have a new song. I have recorded a demo of it which you can download at the bottom of this post. I quite like it : ) But it needs more, as do all of my demos. Blooming 'eck, I need to form a band now that it is summer. The main problem is that I forgot to write down the chords that I used. Hahaa. I think it's variations of an Em and a G. I just need to remember which ones.
I actually wrote and recorded this about two weeks ago in about two hours. Wrote it, recorded it in one take, went to bed ... Poof. Gone. Completely forgot about it. Thank God I remembered.
I've had a quite a lot of ideas for songs lately, but they've all been sad, lonely numbers. I fell in love again last week with the amazing Nick Drake and I've been playing his album, Pink Moon, over and over. One track in particular: Place To Be. I've been playing it all week, both the Nick Drake recording and on my own guitar. I may record it soon and post it here. It is a beautiful song. Anyway, here are the lyrics to Lull of the Sea. Please excuse the lonesome, angsty-teenager essence of them. It doesn't sound too bad when it's recorded.

I miss her more as days go by.
I fear that my heart may surely die.
The hope I have is like the lull of the sea,
It hurts to think that she does not miss me.

We’ve had good times, and we’ve had bad.
I loved her once - of that I am glad.
We drift apart like the lull of the sea,
It hurts to think that we may never be.

One more heartbreak added to the pot,
The thought of her puts my heart in a knot.
My ship was sunk by the lull of the sea;
Pain reminiscent of an evergreen tree.

A silent romance, out the window it flew,
It seems that I no longer interest you.
I am being drowned by the lull of the sea;
The lack of such sweet intimacy.



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