Tuesday, 27 May 2008

In America It's Different

After my first EP was a minor success I tried experimenting with field recordings. I was heavily into Sunn O))) and many artists on the Southern Lord label. This collection of songs are mostly Drone and Dark Ambient.
At school in my Religious Studies class we were studying prison systems. And so the recording on the third track is a rant by my teacher about the flaws of the British prison systems and how, "in America, it's different."

The second track is, in a way, cheating. It is a recording of the Beverley Brass Band warming up and preparing to play recorded in an attic above the hall where they practice. This recording has then been slowed down, but some of the instruments are still distinguishable.

This album, if you want to call it that, is not an easy listen. It's not something you should pay attention to. If anything, it should be played in the background during a slow car journey through a rough part of town.

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