Friday, 30 May 2008


Mixtapes are amazing. I love them. I make them all the time. There is nothing like a good mixtape. I've taken part in a number of mixtape exchanges on a variety of message boards (but mostly on the Radiohead forum, Mortigi Tempo). The first exchange I did on there was quite historical. The mixtape I recieved featured The Moon by The Microphones - It got me hooked on both making mixtapes and listening to The Microphones. Not bad going, really.

I have quite a reputation now, of making mixtapes. I do them quite often for whoever asks for one. I even make oragami CD cases for them! But it makes me sad that they just get couped up on my computer and only given to one person. So this is a first in a series of uploads. I'm going to start posting any random mixtapes I make here. They shall be called my Pick'n'Mixx Tapes. They will all run for an hour, give or take a few minutes, and have about 12 tracks.

Tim & Eric - I Sit Down When I Pee
Avey Tare & Panda Bear - Chocolate Girl
Aphex Twin - Lornaderek
Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia
Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill
The Books - An Owl With Knees
Andrew Liles & Jean-Herve Peron - Sit Down & Shut Up
Paul Baribeau - Falling in Love with your Best Friend
Portishead - The Rip
Atlas Sound - Children's Hospital (Screaming in the Face of Death #2)
Pink Floyd - Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
Animal Collective - People

Download 'PICK'N'MIXX TAPE 1' here.

Also, as a bonus to commemorate this joyous first mixtape post, I have upped a mixtape made by famous hands. A few months ago when I ordered Mount Eerie's No Flashlight from P.W. Elverum & Sun Ltd. I recieved a mixtape from Phil along with my order. I have no idea what any of the tracks are but there's a lot on there. 20 tracks, starting with a skit starring Jason Anderson as a magician and leading onto a variety of classical, country and world music - just to name a few.

If anyone can identify any of the tracks, I'd greatly appreciate it.

New Music MySpace

I have a new music MySpace. This is my second one. My previous one was used just for lo-fi covers recorded in my bedroom, but this new one will be where I put my new (mostly original) music.

The old MySpace was, of course:


Thursday, 29 May 2008

Aleatoric Loneliness II / Tintinnabulation

I listened to my Aleatoric Loneliness EP this evening. It still astounds me how well it came out, but I knew it could be improved upon. So, this evening, I revisited it. A friend of mine, Jordan van Beam, gave me a copy of the music mixing software Reaper and so I have used that to remix my own EP. I have not simply remixed it so it is the same old EP that 'sounds better'; I have torn the EP apart and edited it down into one seamless track. I will use this track on a future release, but if you are intersted you can download it at the bottom of the page as usual. I've had a bit of bother with the track - it is a 115Mb WAV file. My converter just won't compress it down to 320kbps MP3 for me. I'll no doubt come back to this blog entry once I've figured out how to compress it and update it with a secondary link. But for now, this will do.

This is my first "single".

For the time being, it will be cover-less. The other day, I photographed some bells in the bottom of my bath for an album cover for Jordan van Beam. If he doesn't use that album cover, i shall use it for myself / for this single. This will mean a title change, but I think that the title below fits as well. But like I said, this is Jordan's idea. I will only use it if he chooses to scrap that album name.


I'll get back to posting my own stuff shortly. Promise.


Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Brother Sport

This has been one of my favourite songs since last year when I downloaded Animal Collective's Melkweg, Amsterdam bootleg, and since seeing it live last wednesday that love has been rekindled. I cannot get enough of this song - the studio version is going to be incredible.

It's one of those songs that can just transport you. It takes you to another place. It's a feelgood song that, everytime i hear it, whisks me away to a beach in the south of France.

Let's show some love for Brother Sport!


Music Creation


Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The first two electronic songs featured below were used as a soundtrack to a "skate vid" I made, along with Jemima Short and Niall Ransome, as part of Hull Film Festival. I've also thrown in two extra tracks I made around the same time.

In America It's Different

After my first EP was a minor success I tried experimenting with field recordings. I was heavily into Sunn O))) and many artists on the Southern Lord label. This collection of songs are mostly Drone and Dark Ambient.
At school in my Religious Studies class we were studying prison systems. And so the recording on the third track is a rant by my teacher about the flaws of the British prison systems and how, "in America, it's different."

The second track is, in a way, cheating. It is a recording of the Beverley Brass Band warming up and preparing to play recorded in an attic above the hall where they practice. This recording has then been slowed down, but some of the instruments are still distinguishable.

This album, if you want to call it that, is not an easy listen. It's not something you should pay attention to. If anything, it should be played in the background during a slow car journey through a rough part of town.

Aleatoric Loneliness

And so it begins ...

I live for music ... among other things. I love to create music and make things that I think sound pretty darn cool. So far, I've not had much success and apart from the odd Microphones cover I've not created anything that good or original.

In two or three weeks time I break up from school and my compulsory education ends. I have a long summer ahead of me, and during that summer I plan to be as creative as possible. Taking photographs, making music, etc. I plan to make a number of (hopefully, original) songs with my friend, Jemima. She is a musical genius, and I am not. But hopefully, together, we'll create some stuff that is worth listening to - but for the moment I shall continue to experiment on my own.

Bradford Cox, solo artist (Atlas Sound) and frontman of Deerhunter, runs a very successful blog that I have fallen head over heels in love with it. It's amazing, and the music he posts there that he creates in his free time is equally incredible. I plan to do something quite similar. This blog is a documentation of my musical progression, and a place to post anything I create that I feel is worth sharing - for free, of course.

During the winter 2007 I created a short EP entitled Aleatoric Loneliess.
I was lonely, and the majority of the songs here are down to chance (hence the title). Each song was recorded in one take. I would improvise a number of chord progressions. Over the top of that I improvised riffs and over the top of that I improvised vocals. They all gel together quite nicely and this EP is probably my biggest success. I hope in the future I can continually better myself, but for now here is my first EP. Enjoy.